What we can do for you

At AusCoz we can provide the complete design, manufacturing, refurbishment, replacement parts and support service you need to make an unqualified success of your character promotion.

We have been providing costumes and mascots for 10 years in Australia and over 25 years in the UK. Drawing on years of experience in stage and screen, using 3D sculpting skills and textile technology we put character into costumes, all designed to work wonderfully well in their chosen environment.

We really understand that as well as an accurate and appealing interpretation or of the design, other elements such as; vision, ventilation, balance, comfort, mobility, cleaning, and adjustable sizing are all equally important.

Our promotional costumes are perfectly equipped for the job they’re asked to do and carefully designed for comfort, safety and practicality.
Silhouette, proportion, texture, colour and contrast are elements that are integral and carefully considered throughout the design process.


Footwear is an important part of character design, it has to be safe to wear, tough enough to take the pace and in scale with the head and body. Paws are also really important they need to be soft and dextrous, and in proportion, after all they are your major point of contact with your customers!

If you have not worked with character costumes before, then we can give you all the advice you need to select the right type of costume to suit your requirements.

These and many more questions will all ensure that we make you the perfect costume for your requirements.

But we will make the process really quick and easy for you. We know what to ask, and we have all the costume solutions to the answers you provide.

We have all the skills to help you develop and realise a unique character, made to meet your own marketing or merchandising needs. From a logo or a rough sketch we will guide you through the design process and advise on all the issues of usage, safety and maintenance.

Or if you simply want a ready-made suit branded with your logo that you can buy today we can do that too.

Ready to launch your idea?