Concept to costume

We work with you and draw the initial design from your ideas, current branding or from scratch.

Once approved we create a 3D colour image of your design and work closely with you on branding and logo.

We custom-make your design and bring it to life.

Great design is just the beginning!

We provide the complete design, manufacturing, refurbishment, replacement and support service you need to make an unqualified success of your character promotion.
Great design is not everything. We make sure your costume is practical and easy to maintain with good visibility, mobility and manoeuvrability.

Consider merchandising

Think about merchandising when designing your character. Make sure it will work on publicity material, T-shirts, give–aways and toys.
Two sets of clothes
Consider investing in two sets of clothes and paws to reduce cleaning down time and to extend life span.


For more advice and information about our after sales service please contact us.


All our costumes are dispatched by courier.
Why not think about investing in a carrying case which can double its life span?
All costumes come complete with wear-and-care instructions and carry bag.

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